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Why a non profit Local Charity?

How It Started


As a fire fighter in the Carlton Complex fire , Wenatchee complex and Apache pass fires, I saw 1st hand  the devastation as the fire burned our neighboring county property. The need was great for food and water for both people and animals also needed was quick shelters, generators, clothing, the fire fighters needed clean socks and underwear while they waited for the laundry area to get set up. Through a local company a collection point was set up and a delivery of collected items were brought out.  With our horse trailer we have also helped to remove  horse from being trapped by the fires in our county and neighboring counties. 

Locally we support our local food bank by providing food which feeds many who are in need and provides for many families.


  Jackie and I met on face-book, She was wanting me to help her get teachers to a class miles away from her school, someone had told her I was teaching, I knew nothing about the class but was struck by her idea of teaching and caring for orphans and the poorest of the poor in the slum. She was passionate in caring and educating the children in the Tassia slum(Nairobi Kenya) She was granted  permission by the parents to educate their children if she would feed the children, We stepped in and provided funding for the meals for 60 children, We also began to pay for the rental of the school and teachers salaries. Since our conception Beyond The Vision Initiative Community School now has 260 students, 11 teachers, In the school  They take the slum out of the children, teach them mannerisms, how to fit into society, we take children from generational poverty, a uneducated life style , a life in the slums, we give hope to the hopeless, we help them to see there is opportunity, dreams to live, for many of the children they  are the first in their family to get an education....

In Kenya we also provide fruit trees, vegetable seeds, potato starts, and fertilizer for a farm, this farm is helping the village which it is in as well as producing fresh food for the school.. 

Love is given in more than one way, help this small foundation as we financially  and physically help our neighbors locally and abroad 

Our Promise To You

As you participate , you can be assured your money will be carefully  used, not in wages, but in charitable action, caring for those in need..

What We Do With Your Donations

100 percent of all donations are given out, not as wages but for the purpose of helping others, we have 4 different areas in the school setting we need help

1) we have 260 children we feed 2 times a day and 150 more who would like to join our school, help by supporting our feeding budget

2) We want to purchase the land the school sits on, it is 35,000.00 which seems like a lot but we have 13,000.00 already set aside - 

     why the purchase- Rotary club will help us build a simple school but we have to own the land first.

3) Support a child into 9th grade through 12th. The 1st year is 800.00 which pays for all the child's expenses, books, bed, food, each year after is 500.00

4) Help us with even small monthly donations which help offset our monthly budget, We believe by investing in this impoverished community we can help more then just the children, the school can become a community center, we could have medical help family care, it could offer technical training for the adults in the evening,  a gathering place of hope and inspiration, this slum has 350,000 people in it...